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Assets and Resources
bullet Accreditaion & Membership
Home Assets and Resources 9 Men Saturation Diving Spread Rated to 200 MSW & IMCA Compliant
  9 Men Saturation Diving Spread Rated to 200 MSW & IMCA Compliant
bullet Main Skid with 4 Man Living Chamber with TUP.
bullet 6 Men Living Chamber designed to install either side of 4 Men Living Chamber.
bullet 3 Men Bell coupled to main skid with side mating to E/L of 4 Men Living Chamber.
bullet 10 Man HRC self launch and / controlled launch using deck crane to the deck of rescue vessel or into sea.
bullet Fly away pack complete with required gases.
bullet Saturation and Bell Dive Control Van coupled with modern CCTV and other required instruments, Analyzers and Monitors.
bullet Bell Launch & Recovery system built to DNV OS E 402 Offshore standard of Diving System (SWL 12.15 Ton) coupled with Main Bell Winch and Guide weight Winch and Hydraulic Power Pack with back up HPU Unit.
bullet Machinery Van equipped with4 x CMU, Sanitary water unit, 2 x Divers Hot Sea Water Unit, Divers Gas Reprocessing Unit.
bullet Main Bell Umbilical with Manual coiling system in to Tailor made Umbilical Basket.
  Surface Supplied Diving Equipment IMCA COMPLIANT
bullet Containerized 3 Diver Control & monitoring Panel.
bullet Containerized Twin Lock air Chamber (IACS approved) fitted with associated equipments.
bullet Diver Launch & Recovery System (Built to DNV-OS-E402, Offshore Standard for Diving System) c/w 2 x Men Riding winches.
bullet Divers Umbilical
bullet Divers PPE
bullet HP Compressor
bullet LP Compressor
bullet HP Air Storage System
bullet Medical Oxygen Storage System
bullet Emergency Oxygen Resuscitator
bullet Breathing Apparatus
bullet Portable Mobile Diving Equipment (SRP)
bullet Medical Kit (As per DMAC 015)
  Inspection Equipment
bullet ACFM Inspection Equipment bullet MPI Equipment
bullet CP meter with surface read out bullet Ultra Sonic Thickness Meter with surface read out
bullet CCTV System bullet Still Cameras
  Suport Equipment
bullet Air Lift bullet Industrial compressors
bullet DMA of various sizes bullet Jack Hammer
bullet Dry Gritt Blasting Spread bullet Lift bags of Various Capacity i.e. ½ Ton to 10 Ton
bullet Hydraulic Power pack bullet Pneumatic grinder
bullet HP Water jet bullet Sound Proof 250 KVA Generator
bullet Hydra Tight Equipment bullet Tugger of various capacity
bullet Hydraulic impact wrench IW 12 bullet Underwater Brocco Cutting Spread
bullet Subsea pipe handling frames    
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