Adsun offshore diving contractors Pvt. Ltd are committed to provide integrated offshore and onshore technical services with a motto to ensure Environmental Serenity.

We ensure our Compliance to all applicable laws and regulations and would take voluntary initiatives such as engaging with local industrial environmental agency activities to improve environmental performance.

We aim to minimize damage to the environment and consistently strive to eliminate emissions of matter that cause negative impact on the environment.

We aspire to inform our clients and employees about our operations and the potential hazards following our work.

The Adsun management, Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors and employees will ensure that all the Environmental policies & procedures are in Discipline and are consistently being followed.

Self-reflection through our Environmental Audit system would be an assertive intervention to display our commitment and progress.

The entire team of Adsun will be thoroughly aware of all the environmental policies and procedures and would abide by all laws and regulations during the conduct of their jobs.