Adsun Offshore Diving contractors Pvt Ltd. a responsible company dedicated to the safety and welfare of all associated personnel. Responsibility for safety is vested in the Control of Safety Manager and is ultimately borne by the Board of Directors.

Adsun considers health & safety to be of top priority in the everyday activities of the company. It is the policy of the company to provide and maintain healthy working conditions for all employees, contractors and others that may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities.

The company conducts its operations in such a manner as to:-

Accomplish all assignments safely and efficiently.

Provide safe working conditions.

Ensure that health & safety all of employees & equipments.

Establish safe working practices throughout its operations.

Develop a high degree of safety awarness amongst all personnel’s.

Provide employess with the required skills and support them to meet the company’s commitment to health and safety.

Provide competent advice to line management on health & safety matters as well as the means to monitor performance.

The Company recognizes that Health and Safety is good business practice, and firmly believes that proper management of these issues will contribute positively to its efficiency and business success. The Board undertakes to review this policy on a regular basis.

Health and Safety are line management responsibilities that form an integral part of the duties of all managers, superintendents, supervisors and leading hands in upholding the Company’s policy.

All employees have a clear duty to exercise self-discipline, maintain an attitude of safety consciousness, and prevent injury to themselves and others.

Adsun committed to improving Health and Safety within its spheres of activity and to continue the management and planning of safety with the same dedication as with all other commercial affairs. The Company is committed to producing an attainable set of Health & Safety Objectives that is managed and controlled by the Board of Directors.

The detailed internal arrangements and organization for the implementation and monitoring of this policy are contained within the company’s Health, Safety & Environmental and Operating manuals and procedures.