We are a Leading provider of Air, Mixed Gas and Saturation Diving Services.Supporting Heavy Duty Subsea Constructing Projects is one of our Core Competencies.
We perform a wide range of Inspection, Repair and Maintenance, and Grouting Operations related to Offshore Platforms and Subsea Pipelines.
With complete control over owned and operated specialized Diving Assets and access to world class Diving Support Vessels and Remotely Operated Vehicles, Adsun stands as a Single-Stop Solution for Offshore Oil & Gas Companies looking for a Subsea Solutions Partner.

With Accreditations from reputed Offshore Societies such as;

International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Indian Registrar of Shipping (IRS), Lloyd’s Register (LR) we are committed to deploy our Specialized Assets including Equipment and Personnel at Short Notices Worldwide.


Our Subsea Expertise :

  • Customized Repair Tooling Design, Build and Operation
  • Umbilical, Jumper and Flexible Riser Installation
  • Laying & Installation of Flexible Flow Line
  • Pre and Post-Installation Surveys
  • Suction Anchor Installation
  • Pipeline Commissioning and Testing
  • Pipeline Intervention and Stabilisation
  • Cable and Pipeline Trenching Services
  • Subsea Tree/Module Installation and Recovery
  • ROV Mounted Tooling Solutions Specifically Designed
  • Subsea Hardware Component Change-Outs
  • Installation of Subsea Isolation Valve (SSIV),
  • Installation of Rigid/Flexible Risers and I / J Tubes
  • Spool Tie-Ins
  • Hot Taps
  • Single Point Mooring (SPM) Installation
  • Pipeline End-Manifold (PLEM & PLET Lateral)Installation
  • Pipeline Crossing and Free-Span Correction
  • Hyperbaric Welding (Wet Welding & Dry Welding
    with Habitat)
  • Design, Management, And Execution of Subsea Repairs
  • Pipeline and Platform Inspection
  • Anchor Chain Inspection and Measurement
  • Leak Investigation and Repair
  • Pipeline Stabilisation and Repair Using Clamps and Spools
  • Anode Clamp Design and Retrofit
  • Cathodic Protection – Measurement & Installation
  • Structure & Pipeline Repair Clamp Installation
  • Flow Lines and Umbilical Installation Support
  • Trenching, Backfill and Out-Of-Straightness Surveys
  • Subsea Hydro-Testing
  • Pre-Installation Crossing Structure and Survey
  • Subsea Excavation
  • Anode Retrofit and Life Extension Construction Tasks
  • Protection and Stabilisation Structures
  • Subsea Riser and Mid-Water Arch Operations
  • Site Clearance Survey
  • Jack-Up Spud Can Survey
  • Debris Clearance Survey and Removal
  • Platform and Vessel Inspection
  • Non Destructive Testing – Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particles Inspection, Alternating Current Field Measurement
  • Structure Cleaning
  • Splash-Zone Survey and Protection
  • ROV Mounted Tooling Solutions
  • We provide ROV Intervention services to support Subsea Construction, Inspection, Repair and Maintenance, Drilling, Survey and pipeline Inspection Support.

Our ROV’s:

1. Work Class
2. Inspection Class
3. Observation Class