It is the Aim of ADSUN to provide to its Customers with safe and efficient diving services that meets their requirements and expectations, in a Cost Effective, Efficient and Professional manner and thus remain positioned at the forefront of the market.

To achieve and maintain the required quality and to ensure adherence to the governing requirements and industry standards for safe and efficient operations, a Management System for Quality has been established.

The Management System has the active support and commitment of ADSUN ‘s Senior Management who regularly review its effectiveness within each Region through regular management meetings.

ADSUN have the ultimate responsibility for effective implementation of the Management System and have appointed a representative to look after all management process related matters, to whom ADSUN have given sufficient authority and organizational freedom to identify improvement opportunities at all levels of the organization and to assist in their implementation.

It is the Line Managers’ responsibility to ensure the quality of works within their area and promote a pro-active approach towards continuous improvement in their Division/Department/Projects. They shall ensure that the workforce reporting to them have an adequate level of competence and skill and that they take responsibility for the quality of work.

Regional Managers are responsible for the establishment and development of procedures in accordance with corporate objectives and for ensuring that they represent current working practices.

It is important that members of the ADSUN workforce at all levels of the organization adhere to the policy requirements and Procedures of the Management System. It is equally important that Subcontractors and Suppliers capability meets ADSUN’s expectations and our vendors are assessed for Quality of the Services being rendered.